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[AK]Application Format

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[AK]Application Format

Post by Stylizh_Haszter on Tue Jun 02, 2015 8:03 am

The following format is to be used when you are creating a [AK]
application, we want to see from [AK] members is a reasonable amount of
information in your application. Try to keep one word answers to a
minimum. We will also be looking for a fully & nice completed
application. (Creating Application Must be True)

************************************** About You *****************************************

Your Real Name (Full Name) :-

Your Forum Name :-

Your Name In Game :-

Your Name If You Get Accepted :-

Your Nationality (Country) :-

Your Age :-

Your Gender :-

Your Language or Languages :-

How Long You Have Playing BTTDM :-

Have You Been In Other Gangs (If so which ones) :-

Have You Had Been A Leader Of Any Clans or Gangs :-

Your Computer-Experience:

Why You Like [AK]Gang ? Reason ? :-

What You Will Do to [AK]Members ? :-

How Do You Treat [AK]Members ? :-

Do You Break Our Rules ? :-

A short summary about yourself :-

Your Shooting Skills [0-10]:-

Your Driving Skills [0-10]:-

Your Dueling Skills [0-10]:-

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